Meadow Bay North Lake Arrowhead Houses for Sale

Lake Arrowhead is a small town, but is very diverse in its different tracts. The tracts that circle the lake all bring something unique to the table when it comes to homes. There is an entertainment district, a high price luxury homes district, and even a low-cost cabin district. The Meadow Bay tract lies on the Meadow Bay offshoot of the Blue Jay Bay area of Lakeshore and offers a great place to park your boat.


Meadow Bay’s Arrowhead properties in are all in the townhouse and condo style build. The developers of this area wanted to provide for a place to get away and enjoy water activities on the lake rather than building large and expensive homes. This area focuses on luxury condos and townhomes that will keep you in comfort between outings out on the lake.

Boating and Water Access

Meadow Bay is one of the few tracts that have direct access to the waterfront. The community lies parallel with Meadow Bay, an offshoot of the Blue Jay Bay. This offshoot provides for the perfect place to dock your boat. The community has filled the offshoot with docking location for you to dock your boat during your stay. The homeowners’ association takes great care of the docks and makes sure that owners are able to use them at any time.

Boating is a staple in the Lake Arrowhead area and Meadow Bay homes are designed specifically for that. The homes all lie on the banks of Meadow Bay and provide walking access to the docks. If you love to be out on the water, look into grabbing one of these great Arrowhead properties!

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