Lake Arrowhead Real Estate – Lake Arrowhead Area Info

Lake Arrowhead Real Estate – Lake Arrowhead Area Info

Helping you buy and sell real estate in Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas.

Lake Arrowhead Area Information:

Lake Arrowhead offers an abundant private lake of 12.6 square miles within the San Bernardino County in the San Gorgonio Mountain range. The total lake size is 782 acres of serene beauty. Explore the 14 miles of shoreline at 5,108 feet with your loved ones! Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas offer schools, libraries and hospitals to accommodate your family and their needs no matter if you are a part time or full time resident of the area. Lake Arrowhead offers the perfect setting to raise your family or own a getaway home with four seasons of fun and adventure among epic views and crystal blue water. Own a home among the perfect setting of brilliant colors, a vivid starry night sky and beauty as far as one can see. Lake Arrowhead also offers a variety of hiking, camping and snow sports within the area. Special events and Remember, Lake Arrowhead is only 60-90 minutes away from most major cities in Southern California so owning your first, second or only home in Lake Arrowhead gives you access to Southern California in under an hour while still living among the beauty of pine trees and picturesque mountains. The Arrowhead Village is the heart of Lake Arrowhead – beloved by both locals and visitors – it offers year round shopping, dining, entertainment all settled beside the gorgeous lake and 14 miles of shoreline. Live among historic cabins and valued wildlife and stake out a place that will inspire and relax you – discover your own piece of paradise and own a home in stunning Lake Arrowhead.

Other outside communities serviced by our Lake Arrowhead Keller Williams agents are Cedar Glen, Blue Jay, Rimm forest, Sky forest, Crest Park, Deer Lodge Park and Agua Fria.

Lake Arrowhead Events

We would love to welcome you to Lake Arrowhead and the several local events that take place within and around our mountain community. Take a look at some of the events you’ll find around our community:

Lake Arrowhead Statistics

Lake Arrowhead area consists of 12.6 sq miles,
11.4 sq. mi. of land and 1.2 sq. mi. of water.
We are located in
San Bernardino County
Zip Code 92352
Area Code 909
Lake Arrowhead has a depth of 185 ft., a width of 1.5 miles and a length of 2.2 miles
Total lake size is 782 acres with 14 miles of shoreline and an elevation of 5108 feet.
It is a private lake governed by Arrowhead Lake Association with restricted use by LA property owners!
LA offers outdoor recreational activities and beauty, we enjoy 4 seasons, and approx 310 days of sunshine and blue skies!
Other outside communities serviced by our Lake Arrowhead agents are Cedar Glen, Blue Jay, Rimm forest, Sky forest, Crest Park, Deer Lodge Park and Agua Fria.
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Important Info & Numbers

Local Schools:
Rim of the World Unified School District 909-336-2031
CEDU Schools, Inc. (Private Residential) 909-867-2722

Elementary Schools
Charles Hoffman Elementary 909-336-0370
Grandview Elementary 909-336-3420
Lake Arrowhead Elementary Lake Gregory Elementary 909-336-3474
Valley of Enchantment 909-336-0375

Intermediate School
Mary Putnam Henck 909-336-0360

High Schools
Mountain High School 909-336-0381
Rim of the World High School 909-336-2038
Mary Tone Education Center Alpine Adult School 909-336-3434
Independent Study 909-336-3436
Young Parents Center 909-336-0318

Lake Arrowhead / Blue Jay 909-337-3118
Crestline 909-338-3294
Running Springs 909-867-2554

Mountains Community 909-336-3651


Cable Television – Charter Communications:
Lake Arrowhead / Crestline 888-852-2235
Running Springs 800-800-3252

Southern Cal Edison 800-655-4555
Emergency Outages 800-611-1911

The Gas Company 800-427-2200

Telephone – Verizon
New Service – Residence 800-483-4000
New Service – Business 800-483-5000
Billing Inquiries 800-483-3000
Repair 800-483-1000

Trash / Disposal Service
Heaps Peak (The Dump) 909-337-0678
Hazardous Waste 909-382-5401
Mountain Disposal Co. 909-338-2417
Running Springs Disposal Co. 909-867-2525
​Lake Arrowhead Disposal Co. 909-337-3810