Houses for Sale North Bay Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a small town, but is very diverse in its different tracts. The tracts that circle the lake all bring something unique to the table when it comes to homes. There is an entertainment district, a high price luxury homes district, and even a low-cost cabin district. The North Bay, California tract is the perfect place to enjoy all the outdoor aspects of Lake Arrowhead in a quiet and serene way.


North Bay, California takes a much quieter approach to weekends and holidays spent in Lake Arrowhead. The North Bay real estate community lies minutes from the Village and mountain activities, but remains far enough away to avoid the crowd and enjoy some peace and quiet with the family. Located in a gated community, North Bay Lake Arrowhead is surrounded by forests to keep you feeling secluded without driving eight hours into the forest. The North Bay homes for sale are built to exude comfort and class while still displaying the classic lake cabin accents. The goal of the homes in this area is to offer a modern yet classic retreat that will allow them to disconnect and enjoy their vacation.

Access to Local Activities

Although North Bay prides itself in seclusion, North Bay homes for sale are surprisingly close to a lot of activities. Lake Arrowhead has been celebrated for its culture, rich history, and beautiful mountain scenery; all of these are within a reasonable distance to enjoy during your stay. Within minutes of North Bay lies unique shopping, diverse dining, and exceptional entertainment options. If you are looking to feel disconnected, but reconnected in an instant, look in North Bay for the perfect home.

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