Houses for Sale in Lakeshore, CA

Lake Arrowhead is a small town, but is very diverse in its different tracts. The tracts that circle the lake all bring something unique to the table when it comes to homes. There is an entertainment district, a high price luxury homes district, and even a low-cost cabin district. The Lakeshore, CA tract lies on the edge of the lake and will put your home just steps from the crisp waters of Lake Arrowhead.


The houses for sale in Lakeshore have a different feel than most of the tracts in Lake Arrowhead. Much like the designs in Emerald Bay and Hamilton Cove, Lakeshore homes for sale tend to get their inspiration from a lake cabin rather than a luxury home. The developers wanted to offer a great home that is centered around lake views rather than just building high priced homes on the water.

Lake View

Lakeshore lies on the edge of the Lake Arrowhead. The tract is one of the smallest in the area, but definitely makes up for its size with the raw exposure to the lake and its beauty. Each home in the Lakeshore tract is built around the amazing lake views. Lakeshore homes are designed specifically to cater to this amazing location and will make sure that you enjoy the environment that Lake Arrowhead has to offer. The builders attempted to take the views of the lake and place them in every room of the home, and man did they nail the construction. If you are looking for a great lake side home that will knock your socks off, look no further than Lakeshore.

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