Hamilton Cove Houses for Sale Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a small town, but is very diverse in its different tracts. The tracts that circle the lake all bring something unique to the table when it comes to homes. There is an entertainment district, a high price luxury homes district, and even a low-cost cabin district. The Hamilton Cove tract lies on Hamilton Cove and will put your home right on the edge of the lake.

Lake View

Hamilton Cove lies on the edge of the Lake Arrowhead. Much like Emerald Bay, Hamilton Cove is a pretty small tract in comparison to the larger Arrowhead real estate communities, but this tract is amazingly beautiful. The tract is surrounded by Lake Arrowhead’s Hamilton Cove, giving every home a great view of the lake. The Arrowhead homes for sale in Hamilton Cove are built to maximize this lake exposure and to ensure that the lake is shown off in every room possible. This tract was built around the natural beauty of the lake and will be a bit more disorganized than some of the other tracts. Instead of offering a planned community that is almost too perfect, the tract is very disorganized due to the priority of the lake views over everything else.


The Arrowhead homes for sale in Hamilton Cove have a distinct east coast lake vibe. Instead of offering buyers overly expensive homes that are completely custom, the developers wanted to go for a more reasonably priced home with a view. Arrowhead real estate in Hamilton Cove was designed to take the best portions of the lake and put them in plain view from all parts of the house.

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